The Ten Mile Tower

This tower spans over ten miles into the depths of space itself. A user looking down from it can see for thousands of miles in every direction. Once built by a mysterious and powerful mage, it now lies abandoned and still. There are rumors that dangerous creatures have taken up residence in various parts of the tower.

The tower, which is not exceptionally large in diameter (each level has roughly the same area as a floor of a medium sized castle), has corridors that are convoluted and maze-like, with many stairways leading up and down to adjacent levels. Mysterious rooms can be found in many areas of the tower; some are rumored to hold hidden knowledge or contain great (often dangerous) magical power!

Marsiah, a powerful and ancient mage who lived while the Empire of Nerath still stood strong, is said to reside at the very top of the tower and holds sway over all those below, though the degree of her power is uncertain.

It is said that once a traveler has entered The Ten Mile Tower, they have one day to leave before the doors of the tower are closed to them forever! This has been interpreted to mean that an adventurer may only enter the tower once in their lifetime, and they’d better leave within 24 hours or they’ll be trapped in the tower forever…

The Ten Mile Tower

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