The Black Peaks

The Black Peaks refers both to a long thick stretch of mountains populated by dwarves and orcs and to a powerful dwarf metropolis.

The city known as The Black peaks is a place of splendor but also of smog and dust. The dwarves mine ore + coal from the mountains, and they heat massive forges where they craft great weapons and other metal works. The great Iron Citadel stands as the main entrance to the city; this massive church of Moradin, crafted out of intricately forged iron, is the first taste of the wonder, beauty, and oppressive dimensions of the city.

Notable Persons

  • Kaldron, dwarf cleric of Moradin, was born and raised as a member of the Iron Citadel clan.
  • Gilwin, dwarf fighter and head of the Iron Citadel clan.
  • Clay, a warforged fighter, spent some time here after having been rescued from an earthen tomb by Gilwin.

The Black Peaks

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