Ilgram: Gnome of chaotic disposition who wields powerful and unpredictable magics!

Fhlaria: Elf Mother Protector of a shattered refugee group that lives in Crossroads.

Kip: The deceased were-wolf head of the thieves guild in Crossroads. Slain by the adventurers Kaldron and Clay.

Shep: Bureaucrat in Merrow’s service.

Alifard: Wealthy merchant, formally the head of the Merchant’s Quarter in Crossroads.

Lord Rith: Former lord of Crossroads. Now a dispossessed noble living in The Shattered Slums.

Relx: Well known dwarf smith who lives and works in Crossroads.

Sarish: A skilled elf guide and tracker who resides in Crossroads.

Hilagar: Legendary dwarf smith for what is now the Rusty Ruins.

Merrow: Wardlord leader of the Crimson League.

Syracuse: A witty elf scout who operates out of Crossroads.

Raalzzz: Syracuse’s brother, killed in the gnoll attacks on his village.

Ayam Arthurs: Proprietor of the Harpy’s Call.

Rabella: Head paladin of Lasharan’s Keep.

Rathers: Head of the Church of Bahamut in Crossroads.

Trelden: Officer of the guard in Crossroads. An old dragonborn.

Telva: A lost tiefling orphan.

Darias: Ronald’s twin brother.

Elifar: A powerful wizard in the Crimson League.

Garb the Tree Barbarian: A powerful brawler who now resides in The Ten Mile Tower.

Shemshaw the Ever Believing: A wise OLD Eladrin who rides an ebony fly and escorts braces scholars into The Ten Mile Tower.

Lord Veriketh: The clever lord of Silver Port.

Lord Keth: A clever, conniving, and cruel lord of The Burning Towers, recently deceased,

Queen Melketh: Current queen of The Burning Towers, a practical woman of equal parts intelligence and cruelty.


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