Merrow is the leader of the Crimson League, a powerful army that has sworn to protect The Old Continent from the Orc and Goblin menace. She is an accomplished warlord and a powerful warrior in her own right who demands absolute obedience from her soldiers.

While appearing brash and arrogant to most who first meet her, Merrow has a way of winning the loyalty of new recruits and training them to fight ably for her cause remarkably quickly. It is said that Merrow can transform even the youngest, impudent, and greenest of villagers into a hardened soldier willing to die for her in less than a year’s time.

Merrow’s ambitions are nothing less than to become queen of the next great human empire, which she hopes to build in her own lifetime.

Merrow suffered the first defeat of her career when she made the decision to retreat from Crossroads after engaging in a fierce guerrilla war with Kaldron who was eventually able to turn the populace of the city in revolt against her.

However, only a few months after withdrawing from Crossroads Merrow led her army against The Shattered Slums, taking the city after a prolonged siege with the help of some powerful allies and the ancient dragon Malifas. She has proclaimed herself ruler of the city, though she has allowed many of the former lords of the city to keep some of their power and help her manage the sprawling metropolis.


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