A thriving trade city located by an important river and at the intersection of two major roads that sees travelers and merchants of all sorts. It is said that the “sun never sets” in Crossroads because there is activity in this bustling town at all hours.

Until recently, Crossroads was occupied by the Crimson League.

The Common Man’s Army, lead by Kaldron, waged a guerrilla war against the Crimson League for control of Crossroads and drove them out of the city within the last year. Dwarves from the Iron Citadel in The Black Peaks currently help guard the city against further assault.

Lord Rith, the rightful ruler of Crossroads by blood, recently returned to the city, where he shares command of the city with Kaldron (the leader of the dwarves), Ronald (the head of the thieves guild), and Alifard (the elected representative of the merchants), each of whom control of quarter of the city. They meet in a council to decide city matters.

Ronald is the current leader of the Thieves Guild in Crossroads. He was a known collaborator with Merrow, the leader of the Crimson League, yet he stayed behind when she was driven from the city. His current loyalties remain unclear.

A powerful Beggar’s Guild also resides in Crossroads. They are the eyes and the ears of the city.


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