A Pleasant Sort of World

The First Campaign, Fate of the Heroes

Numerous heroes join up with the party at various times to help them with their quests during The First Campaign. Their fates are chronicled below:

Clay the Warforged Fighter: One of the original members of the party and the only one present consistently throughout the entire campaign, Clay’s adventuring career is both noble and tragic. Though he achieved many great victories while adventuring with his companions, saving countless lives, he was less successful in his personal goals. His attempts to drive the goblins completely out of The Rusty Ruins was ultimately unsuccessful. Furthermore, his spiritual journey to discover the source of his creator beneath the city ultimately led to some unspoken disaster, cursing him to wander alone beneath the tunnels of the city for more than two years and almost driving him mad, a shadow that haunted him throughout his further adventurers. After saving The Shattered Slums, he returned to The Rusty Ruins, where he resides to this day, helping Eed combat the goblins who still reside in and beneath the city, where he helps carve out an ever-growing point of light in the ancient and once noble settlement.

Kaldron the Dwarf Cleric: Kaldron stayed behind in Crossroads to lead a guerilla war to drive Merrow out of the city, a goal he only recently accomplished in the last few years. Towards the end of the fighting, the city was hard hit, as both sides resorted to increasingly drastic measures to achieve their goals. As a result, when Merrow finally abandoned the city, many areas were badly damaged or entirely in ruins. Kaldron has been slowly rebuilding the city, while seeking aid from the dwarves in The Black Peaks to secure the city in case Merrow ever decides to return.

Mandlebrot the Eladrin Artificer: Mandlebrot runs a very successful trading business called Mandlebrot’s Emporium, which has sites in Crossroads, The Ten Mile Tower, and Sigil. He runs the enterprise with Ilgrim the gnome, a mischievous fellow that used to play tricks on he and his companions. It is said that almost anything can be found there, providing the buyer has enough money. Realistically, some items can take longer to procure, and Mandlebrot is often busy negotiating with exotic races and delving deep into dungeons to procure pieces of forgotten lore.

Oreocrisis the Genasi Swordmage: Sadly, Oreocrisis was taken as a mindflayer thrall and now serves the horrible creature willingly, doing as its commands. Currently, they are both searching for the Eye of Vecna, so the mindflayer can complete its mysterious goals. Oreocrisis will not be free until the mindflayer is dead.

Mikea the Tiefling Wizard: One of the founding members of the adventuring party, Mikea was captured by Telva the Tiefling, her twin sister who works with the Crimson League. What happened to her during her confinement is a mystery, but recently she has been seen with her sister in Merrow’s company.

Bob the Elf Rogue: Bob died during the Siege of Lasharan’s Keep and his spirit was seen apparently rising to the heavens with Saint Lasharan herself for his noble service defending her memory.

Ronald the Halfling Rogue: When his comrades slew the leader of the thieves guild in Crossroads, Ronald took the opportunity to take control of the organization, a title he still holds.

Bramble Lee the Elf Ranger: When Bramble Lee parted ways with his adventuring companions, he founded a village at the base of The World Tree in The Living Woods. He looks over the village to this day, protecting it and the mighty world tree from harm.

Candor Feathers: Candor roams The Old Continent in search of the mysterious mindflayer and the Eye of Vecna it is searching for. In between investigations and the occasional adventure, he returns to his family home in The Shattered Slums.

Treebulb: After adventuring alone for some time, Treebulb has struck up with a new band of noble adventurers. They have their base in The Ten Mile Tower.

Inkroot: Inkroot spent several years acting as a diplomatic liaison for The Rusty Ruins before joining up with another group of adventurers. They have their base in The Ten Mile Tower.

The First Campaign, Part 2

The First Campaign, Part 2 follows Clay the Warforged Fighter, Mandlebrot the Eladrin Artificer, Oreocrisis the Genasi Swordmage, and their brave companions as they continue their adventures in The Old Continent and the Outer Planes of Power.

The adventurers, who are now much more experienced, journey to Sigil and other planes, testing their mettle against powerful enemies. They fight drow and famorians in the fey-wild, defeat a corrupt fire giant in Sigil who seeks to enslave them, and engage in other fantastic adventures before returning to The Old Continent in the mortal world.

In The Old Continent their adventures revolve around facing two main foes: a powerful and mysterious mind flayer who is searching for the Eye of Vecna (which they heroes possessed for a short time) and an army of duegar and devils who seek to attack The Shattered Slums from their encampment deep beneath the city using a giant mechanical drill to burrow their way to the surface and catch the city guards completely unaware.

In the course of their adventurers, they ally with the intelligent and cunning Lord Veriketh who resides in The Trifold Citadel in Silver Port and make a name for themselves with the lords and inhabitants of The Shattered Slums.

In service of Lord Veriketh, they travel to the Shadowfell and recover a powerful artifact, defeating a powerful Sphinx and other enemies to recover the writings of an insane mage. Veriketh richly rewards them for their services, helping them prepare for their other quests.

They have numerous tussles with the mysterious mind flayer and its minions, often suffering casualties and barely escaping to fight again. In fact, they never succeed in defeating the mind flayer or discover its true intentions for the Eye of Vecna.

The adventurers stop the attack on The Shattered Slums by sneaking into the duegar and devil camp while city guards stage a short attack as a distraction before retreating to safety. They succeed in commandeering the giant mechanical drill and engage in a climactic battle with the devils and duegar who are operating the drill. They burrow the drill into The Boiling Sea, filling the encampment with water and drowning the enemy duegar and devils. With this task completed, the adventurers swim to safety with the aid of magical potions to allow them to breath and resist the boiling hot water, emerging to surface as heroes of the city.

Other heroes who join the party on its quest include: Inkroot the Bard, Candor the Wizard, and Treebulb the Shifter Barbarian.

The First Campaign, Part 1

The First Campaign, Part 1 chronicles the adventures of (primarily) Clay the Warforged Fighter, Kaldron the Dwarf Cleric, Mandlebrot the Eladrin Artificer, Oreocrisis the Genasi Swordmage, and their many brave companions as they seek treasure, adventure, and glory around the Lost Continent.

As the adventurers are just starting out their careers, they are quickly swept up in the tidings of coming war, and become aware of an impending gnoll attack that threatens to destroy Crossroads, a bustling trade town, one of the few points of light in the all to encroaching darkness. Many of their adventures center around preparing for the gnoll attack, although they do engage in many quests for the general betterment of the free peoples of the world including defending a holy site from an orc attack, hunting down and killing a dragon terrorizing the local villages, and rescuing captured villagers from a camp of lizardfolk slavers.

The adventures participate in the mighty Battle of Crossroads, where gnolls, their demonic allies, and a host of undead at their command attack the town from all sides. They play a key role in defending the city, leading counter attacks, securing allies to defend the town, rallying troops, and effectively dealing with powerful threats that would otherwise have spelled the end of Crossroads or cost hundreds of lives. They are also instrumental in putting an end to a surprise attack by a powerful Oni warlord in the Flaming Marsh hoping to pray on the weakened Crossroads and take it for her own using her Orc army.

Unfortunately, the gnoll attack leaves Crossroads in a weakened state, allowing Merrow of the Crimson League, who had previously only controlled one of the four quarters, to take the town over completely, using it as a base of operations for further recruitment and taxing the population to support her aspirations of taking over the continent.

After their heroic defense of Crossroads the adventurers part ways for several years, while they pursue their own goals and adventures.

Clay’s adventures revolve around his service to Eed in The Rusty Ruins and his attempt to find a connection to his past in the tunnels and hidden chambers deep beneath the city.

Kaldron stays in Crossroads, waging a guerilla war to drive Merrow and the Crimson League out of the settlement for good.

Mandlebrot sets up a business named Mandlebrot’s Emporium, journeying to the outer planes themselves to set up trade in exotic magical good and artifacts.

Oreocrisis sets out in search of his family and missing tribe, eventually tracking down the cult that killed his parents and discovering his tribe of Genasis has formed a new settlement in The Dragon’s Teeth.

Other adventurers who traveled with the group on their quests in the First Campaign, Part 1 include: Mikea the Wizard, Ronald the Halfling Rogue, and Bob the Elf Rogue.


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