A Pleasant Sort of World

The First Campaign, Part 1

The First Campaign, Part 1 chronicles the adventures of (primarily) Clay the Warforged Fighter, Kaldron the Dwarf Cleric, Mandlebrot the Eladrin Artificer, Oreocrisis the Genasi Swordmage, and their many brave companions as they seek treasure, adventure, and glory around the Lost Continent.

As the adventurers are just starting out their careers, they are quickly swept up in the tidings of coming war, and become aware of an impending gnoll attack that threatens to destroy Crossroads, a bustling trade town, one of the few points of light in the all to encroaching darkness. Many of their adventures center around preparing for the gnoll attack, although they do engage in many quests for the general betterment of the free peoples of the world including defending a holy site from an orc attack, hunting down and killing a dragon terrorizing the local villages, and rescuing captured villagers from a camp of lizardfolk slavers.

The adventures participate in the mighty Battle of Crossroads, where gnolls, their demonic allies, and a host of undead at their command attack the town from all sides. They play a key role in defending the city, leading counter attacks, securing allies to defend the town, rallying troops, and effectively dealing with powerful threats that would otherwise have spelled the end of Crossroads or cost hundreds of lives. They are also instrumental in putting an end to a surprise attack by a powerful Oni warlord in the Flaming Marsh hoping to pray on the weakened Crossroads and take it for her own using her Orc army.

Unfortunately, the gnoll attack leaves Crossroads in a weakened state, allowing Merrow of the Crimson League, who had previously only controlled one of the four quarters, to take the town over completely, using it as a base of operations for further recruitment and taxing the population to support her aspirations of taking over the continent.

After their heroic defense of Crossroads the adventurers part ways for several years, while they pursue their own goals and adventures.

Clay’s adventures revolve around his service to Eed in The Rusty Ruins and his attempt to find a connection to his past in the tunnels and hidden chambers deep beneath the city.

Kaldron stays in Crossroads, waging a guerilla war to drive Merrow and the Crimson League out of the settlement for good.

Mandlebrot sets up a business named Mandlebrot’s Emporium, journeying to the outer planes themselves to set up trade in exotic magical good and artifacts.

Oreocrisis sets out in search of his family and missing tribe, eventually tracking down the cult that killed his parents and discovering his tribe of Genasis has formed a new settlement in The Dragon’s Teeth.

Other adventurers who traveled with the group on their quests in the First Campaign, Part 1 include: Mikea the Wizard, Ronald the Halfling Rogue, and Bob the Elf Rogue.


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