Candor Feathers


Candor Feathers was born in The Shattered Slums, the son of minor nobility. His family, descendants of the Lords of Nerrath, had little actual holdings or wealth. However, technically they were the lords of an ancient almost forgotten district, one of the poorest and most dilapidated in the city. He spent much of his childhood exploring the ruins of the once proud district, learning as much as he could about the history of the Shattered Slums and the people of Nerrath.

At 14 years of age, Candor left his home and journeyed to the Falls of Wonder where he studied the arcane arts, with a specialization in Illusions; he also studied history, the natural sciences, psychology, and theology. It was during this time that Candor, who had been raised without any strong religious ties, took up worship of Ioun, god of knowledge, skill, and prophecy. By the time he graduated six years later, he was a competent wizard well educated in the world’s many dangers.

He began his adventuring career almost immediately after graduation, traveling home and meeting up with a group of like minded companions. Together they explored the many catacombs and sewers beneath the city, striking at evil wherever they could find it, making The Shattered Slums just a little bit safer for the people living in its streets while lining their pockets with gold and honing their skills in the process. It was a good life, and one that would soon tragically come to an end.

It seems that he and his group of good doers attracted just a little too much attention a bit too soon. In less than the course of a month he saw his friends die one by one at by the blades of mysterious assassins who struck from the shadows and then disappeared into the night. They covered their tracks well, which frustrated Candor to no end; he was denied the vengeance he so strongly desired.

Ironically, when they chose to target him for assassination, they gave him the chance he desperately needed to track them down. He dispatched one of his attackers and wounded the other, who fled into the night. Not to be dismayed he tracked the assassin down into a hideout in the cities depths. He killed the assassin while she lay recuperating and searched her lair for any clues as to the locations of the other assassins. Sure enough, he found a journal that listed where they could be located and how to get in touch with them. One by one he hunted the assassins down as they had hunted down his comrades; he showed them no mercy. The journal also hinted at a mysterious “dark master” who had paid the assassins for their work, but offered little clues for how to track their master down, save that it lived beneath the city.

Shortly after hunting down the assassins he learned that there had been a bounty on each of their heads for similar crimes against the city and her peoples. He collected the bounties and set out for a new life; thus his career as a bounty hunter had begun.

Craving greater adventure and desiring to leave the mortal world behind for a spell, he set off into the Fey Wild, offering his services to the gnomes and eladrin there. He took on mostly solitary assignments hunting down goblin bandits, trespassers to the fey realm who were there to cause mischief and mayhem, and sometimes the occasional rogue eladrin or gnome who had turned its back on its people.

Gradually his lust for adventure took him to other planes as well, such as the Shadowfell, where he hunted down undead lords and cruel shadar-kai. A few hunts even took him into the legendary City of Brass, where he saw the many splendid wonders of civilization, a hint of what The Shattered Slums must have looked like before it fell to the repeated attacks of the goblins only a few hundred years ago. He took up a semi permanent residence in Sigil, City of Doors, so as to better facilitate his adventuring among the planes.

Candor has always been an exacting person, who favors planning and foresight over blinding rushing into battle half cocked, and his inability to foresee and prevent the deaths of his former comrades has haunted him ever since. To this end, he has sought the tutelage of a powerful efreet oracle in the City of Brass who can assist him in glimpsing into the future and seeing what it holds, helping Candor along the path of the Divine Oracle.

Currently Candor is investigating a string of disappearances in The Shattered Slums. As he has adventured with the PCs in the past, he would welcome their assistance with his investigation, and he plans to contact them if he needs their help in battle.

Candor Feathers

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