Bramble Lee

Leader of Yrrdragsil


Having succeeded at his ultimate dream, the creation of an elven kingdom, Bramble Lee spends his days: trying to collect information on the known unknowns that might affect Yrrdragsil; fretting over the unknown unknowns, which he suspects are everywhere; and growing his Terra First empire (the next stage of which will see Yrrdragsil evolve into either an enlightened cosmopolitan civilization or aggressive isolationists). He can always find a use for PCs who need something to do:

1) There is a location in the Living Woods that is always in darkness. Lucinda just happened to stumble upon it one day with a cohort of elven warriors. They decided to scout it out, only to fall to the ground, one at a time. Though some got up and ran out, the majority did not. She resisted, and returned to Yrrdragsil with some of her soldiers, though most had been lost. Shortly thereafter, reports arrived of nighttime raids of drow on small settlements in the Living Woods, resulting in abandonments of entire villages. BL thinks that perhaps, if The Amalgam could be killed, she might finally return to sanity. For now, he has ordered all of the elves to simply avoid that section of the Living Woods. He would reward any PCs handsomely for information, or simply for removal of the threat.

Bramble Lee

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