A Pleasant Sort of World

The First Campaign, Part 2

The First Campaign, Part 2 follows Clay the Warforged Fighter, Mandlebrot the Eladrin Artificer, Oreocrisis the Genasi Swordmage, and their brave companions as they continue their adventures in The Old Continent and the Outer Planes of Power.

The adventurers, who are now much more experienced, journey to Sigil and other planes, testing their mettle against powerful enemies. They fight drow and famorians in the fey-wild, defeat a corrupt fire giant in Sigil who seeks to enslave them, and engage in other fantastic adventures before returning to The Old Continent in the mortal world.

In The Old Continent their adventures revolve around facing two main foes: a powerful and mysterious mind flayer who is searching for the Eye of Vecna (which they heroes possessed for a short time) and an army of duegar and devils who seek to attack The Shattered Slums from their encampment deep beneath the city using a giant mechanical drill to burrow their way to the surface and catch the city guards completely unaware.

In the course of their adventurers, they ally with the intelligent and cunning Lord Veriketh who resides in The Trifold Citadel in Silver Port and make a name for themselves with the lords and inhabitants of The Shattered Slums.

In service of Lord Veriketh, they travel to the Shadowfell and recover a powerful artifact, defeating a powerful Sphinx and other enemies to recover the writings of an insane mage. Veriketh richly rewards them for their services, helping them prepare for their other quests.

They have numerous tussles with the mysterious mind flayer and its minions, often suffering casualties and barely escaping to fight again. In fact, they never succeed in defeating the mind flayer or discover its true intentions for the Eye of Vecna.

The adventurers stop the attack on The Shattered Slums by sneaking into the duegar and devil camp while city guards stage a short attack as a distraction before retreating to safety. They succeed in commandeering the giant mechanical drill and engage in a climactic battle with the devils and duegar who are operating the drill. They burrow the drill into The Boiling Sea, filling the encampment with water and drowning the enemy duegar and devils. With this task completed, the adventurers swim to safety with the aid of magical potions to allow them to breath and resist the boiling hot water, emerging to surface as heroes of the city.

Other heroes who join the party on its quest include: Inkroot the Bard, Candor the Wizard, and Treebulb the Shifter Barbarian.



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